Al Koor, the spirit of adventure

In Al Koor Tourism you will find the love for the desert, for the nature and for the Arab culture. You will discover the most fascinating places of Oman combining spirit of adventure and exclusive comfort.

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All the shades of Oman

The big cities at the crossroads between modernity and tradition, the silence and the colors of the desert, the crystalline green of the ocean, the villages where time seems to have stopped: the Al Koor tours let you know all the nuances of Oman, charming country from the ancient culture.
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The excitement and wonder of the desert nights, surrounded by tall dunes of fine sand and a bright starry sky. An unforgettable experience that combines the authentic spirit of the desert and all the comfort of our tented camps.


Our guests point of view about us
  • An overwhelming encounter

    With Al Koor I traveled to Rub Al Khali: an exciting journey, to be done at least once in a lifetime. The meeting with the desert was overwhelming, it is one of the last places where you can find peace and tranquility. This is also the reason why the Rub inspires wonder and respect, as well as the magnificent starry sky that, at night, dominates it: you feel humble and grateful to be witnesses of this wonder.
    Traveling in the desert is a great group spirit lesson: when the car slits, when the tents are planted, everyone collaborates and helps each other.
    The most exciting moment? When an eagle has settled on a dune to observe us.
    A perfect trip, fun and full of emotions!

    - Joe B.
  • A journey full of emotions

    I also work in the tourism sector, and for this reason I have even more appreciated Al Koor’s preparation, their team building capacity and their spirit.
    With Piero I have already made five trips, but what remains in my heart is the Rub Al Khali tour. The grandeur of the landscapes, the continuous changing of the colors that makes you think being in an alien world leave a deep and indelible memory.
    Al Koor allows you to approach with wonder and respect to these wild environments, so far from our lifestyle and the western world.
    Oman leaves a deep nostalgia and an indelible mark in the mind of those who visited it. It is one of the most extraordinary trips you can make, especially if you are looking for unique destinations with breathtaking scenery!

    - Roberto V.
  • In the desert, the feeling of being at home

    As a true desert lover, I traveled with Al Koor to Sharqiyah and Rub Al Khali, and it was the last one that stole my heart. Its dunes are unique in shape and color, you would never leave them. The most beautiful moment: spread out the sleeping bag and stay alone, at night, in the presence of the stars! A feeling of freedom and pure happiness.
    But there are many beautiful memories: sunrises and sunsets at the top of the dunes, the glitter of the Sultan’s Mosque, the incense trees, the many laughs with traveler companions.
    At each stage the group has had total freedom, but the staff always took care about us in a discreet way: I would start again tomorrow with Al Koor!

    - Caroline H.