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Team spirit

Team spirit, adventure spirit
The motto of Al Koor Tourism is “the spirit of adventure”, but this does not mean improvising!

Our trips are organized with the utmost attention to every detail to offer an exclusive and unforgettable experience, which allows you to experience the desert in an authentic way without sacrificing comfort.

The off-road vehicles used during the tours are extremely reliable, specially prepared to face the difficult conditions of the desert, equipped with refrigerators and freezers to always have water and cold drinks.

A high-end treatment that is also reflected in our tented camps, true oases of relaxation in the heart of the desert. Here you can rest in large equipped tents, wash in comfortable field showers and enjoy typical Omanis dishes prepared on the spot by our staff with fresh ingredients.

The quality is the same as a restaurant, although hundreds of kilometers from the first city.

The love for the desert is always in the first place and is the emotion that more than any other we want to communicate to our guests.
Out of respect for the places we visit, we never set up camps on the same spot to prevent recurrent visits from damaging the surrounding nature. In this way, the desert quickly eliminates the traces left by man.

Crossing the desert, then, means helping each other, sharing, creating an atmosphere in which everyone can feel among friends: it is the group spirit that animates all Al Koor trips!
Our work is not limited to accompanying people to the discovery of Oman, but wants to convey to them the profound beauty of this country from fascinating history and costumes.
The wonder we see in the eyes of our guests is the same that we feel at each excursion!

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